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We have endless opportunities to connect, engage, and persuade people through our words. But effective written communication demands strong messaging in a clear and concise structure.


That takes time and a solid communication strategy.

I help businesses and individuals achieve their goals with effective, well-written content, including SEO editing, content optimizing, documents, presentations, and other material that requires professional and creative editing skills.

From Good To Great Content.

How Can I Help You?

  • Writing or re-writing your website content

  • Blogging and article writing

  • SEO editing, optimizing your website content

  • eBooks, newsletters, and other online marketing collateral

  • Proofreading your Resume

  • Writing letters of admission, reference, complaints, inquiries, applications, offers, and agreements

  • Organizational guidelines, and other business internal and external communication

  • Creating written and visual content for webinars, trainings, and meetings (presentation on Canva or PowerPoint)

  • Editing teaching and educational materials

  • Proofreading contracts, proposals, and essays

  • Training and coaching creative and business writing for ESL speakers

Why My Content Needs Professional Editing?

​You may have invested a lot of time and effort to convey your message, but your written work does not seem to have the impact intended.


What I offer is a fresh pair of eyes from someone with strong creative, analytical and critical skills. With my background as a Lawyer specialized in contracts, as well as my experience in creative writing, storytelling, and marketing, I can help you: 


  • Refine what you want to say

  • Distill your narrative and focus its impact

  • Deliver a consistent and distinctive brand voice

  • Write compelling stories that engage and persuade

  • Be confident and get your point across to your audience

  • Save time, effort, and money wasted through ineffective, poor communication


​Editing and optimizing content take skill. Whether you're trying to raise engagement of your employees, be more personable with your customers, or convince someone to accept your application, these are only a number of benefits to working with a professional editor.

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Camila Borja

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